Teddy Bear Portraits Photographer Profile: Lexi Mize

teddy bear portraits photographer lexi mizeLexi Mize, who began her career as a Teddy Bear Portraits photographer in 2011, has always had a special connection with kids. “I love working with little kids because they are very in-the-moment.” Lexi continues, “Children aren’t fake, which I really enjoy. They are completely honest and they will tell you exactly how they feel.”

Lexi’s passion for photography began at a young age when she received a camera as a Christmas gift. “When I was younger, my dad gave me a camera for Christmas and ever since, I have been hooked. I have always found it interesting to photograph children in a way that you don’t always see them, I try to capture what makes them so special.”

When it comes down to keeping the kids motivated, Lexi tries to get in touch with each child’s energy. “I am pretty good at feeling out their energy and seeing what they respond to. For instance, if they feel nervous, I quiet down a little bit.” Lexi understands that connecting with the children and earning their trust are keys to a successful Portrait Day.

Lexi cherishes each interaction with each child. “I really just love having fun with the kids.” She enjoys getting the children to smile and laugh but she also enjoys a challenge. “It is so rewarding to hear a parent say ‘Wow, you got them to smile?’ or a teacher say, ‘good luck- they never smile.’ I feel very accomplished when I get those kids to smile. As a photographer, it makes you feel good knowing that you can get those reactions.”

On Portrait Day, “I make them say silly things and let them call me funny names. I also use feather dusters to get the kids to smile- just the anticipation of being tickled does the trick!”

Using a little reverse psychology has also proven to be helpful in making the children smile. “Telling them not to smile, actually makes them smile.”

Lexi’s enthusiasm for photography and children are noticeable to everyone involved on Portrait Day. By creating a fun environment, Lexi offers a unique way of connecting with the children to produce memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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