Thankful Activities for Preschoolers

By Tuesday November 8th, 2016Activities for Preschoolers and Toddlers


Thankful Activities for Preschoolers

It seems as though as soon as we settle into our back-to-school routines with the kids, the holidays come into view. Seasonal glitz fills stores and screens and tiny minds focus on the gift giving season. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, add some activities to help reinforce thankfulness in your kids. Grateful and appreciative children are happier, have more self-control and sure make better company!

Here are some thankful activities your little ones can do that don’t require writing or advanced skills.

  1. Make a Thankfulness Tree – This is a good daily activity for the month of November. First, use construction paper to cut out a tree trunk with branches to hang up. Go ahead and precut a variety of colorful leaves, large enough to draw on and put them aside. Each day have the kids choose a leaf and draw something that they are grateful for. Prompt them each day with a different theme, e.g., what food are they grateful for? A toy? Someone at preschool? Or ask them, “What would you be sad without?” Encourage kids to share their ideas, then use them to decorate their Thankfulness Tree.
  1. Make Handprint Thankful Turkeys – Get crafty and create simple handprint turkeys. Take the kids outside and collect some pinecones. Using colorful construction paper, outline your preschoolers hand prints and cut them out. These will serve as the turkeys’ feathers. Have your kids write or draw things that they are the most thankful for. Have fun with it and add googly eyes or glitter to make each turkey unique!
  1. Thankful Pumpkins – Don’t throw out your Halloween pumpkins just yet! Instead, recycle them and turn them into thankful pumpkins. Grab some markers and ask your kids to draw or write what they are thankful for on them. These will serve as decorative thankfulness reminders all month.

Developing thoughtful and thankful kids is important throughout the year. For preschoolers, nothing beats having a great role model and developing thankful habits. We would love to hear your ideas. By the way, thank you for stopping by today!

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