teddy bear portraits sales manager brandi reed
When it comes to Brandi Reed and Teddy Bear Portraits, it’s a family affair. Eleven years ago Brandi left the corporate world to become a Teddy Bear Portraits photographer. That was after she shadowed her husband on the job, who has been with Teddy Bear Portraits for 27 years.

“At first, when my husband invited me to shadow him, I said ‘No way.’  But I took some time off from my corporate job, followed him around for 3 weeks and fell in love with it.

“I love children, but you have to have something in you more than loving children… Being able to make those kids smile and laugh—I dare you to try to find another job that lets you do that every day.”

When asked ‘what is your favorite part of working with Teddy Bear Portraits?’ Brandi replied, “It’s the joy of it. It’s being able to provide parents with memories of their children they’re still going to enjoy seeing 20 years from now. How awesome is that?”

steve_brandi_reed_2847Brandi continues to excel in a territory that she describes as ‘easier than others.’ With the same Teddy Bear employees in the area for over 30 years, who just so happened to be her in-laws, she admits that her initial entry in the job came equipped with schools and support.

She explains that creating meaningful relationships with her fellow employees and centers is one of the keys to success in the preschool and daycare portrait photography industry. “You have to foster meaningful relationships with everyone you work with.”

“The one thing that has really helped me in this journey is the group of people that I work with. I mean, it’s never just you. Ever. Teamwork is absolutely essential in our business.” Brandi’s enthusiasm for her job is contagious.

Brandi believes in being effective and uses the philosophy of ‘doing what you say you’re going to do.’ She emphasizes that “Our word is our bond; we need to do everything we can to keep our word.” With the combination of trust and deeply ingrained relationships Brandi and her team enjoy making memories for busy parents and serving the daycare centers in Alabama, Mississippi and the Florida Panhandle.

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