Portrait Day Tips for Back to School Portraits



With Labor Day behind us, it’s safe to say the Fall season has officially started. Now that you’ve settled into your back to school routine. It’s time to start thinking about Fall portraits! We’ve enlisted the help of our expert professional photographers to give you the best tips for a successful portrait day.

What should my child wear?

  • Solid colors work best, patterns and clothing with large logos can clash with the background
  • Choose colors that compliment your child’s features
  • When siblings are being photographed, dress them in complimentary colors, they don’t have to match, but simply complement each other. Complementary colors are any two colors which are directly opposite each other, such as red and green and red-purple and yellow-green on a color wheel.
  • You can dress your child fancy or casual, it just depends on the type of portrait you are wanting
  • If their portrait attire is dressier than their normal attire, you may want to pack an extra set of clothing to change into after portraits have been taken.
  • Small jewelry and accessories are great, but avoid anything distracting

How should I style my child’s hair?

  • Keep it neat and simple. Don’t try to change your child’s natural hair
  • You can use product to keep styles intact, but don’t overdo it

Important Tip: Get haircuts at least 10 days in advance to look natural and just-in-case there is a mishap!

Should I encourage my child to smile?

  • Teddy Bear Portraits photographers are trained to get a natural smile from your child
  • Telling children to “Smile!” or “Say Cheese!” can result in a forced, un-natural smile

Should my child wear his/her glasses?

  • Absolutely! Glasses are a part of your child’s personality
  • Our photographers know how to avoid glass reflection

The best tip we can give is to keep it simple, your child is naturally beautiful and that will show in their portraits.


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