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December 2017

Family Activities for Winter Break

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If you’re looking for fun things for your children to do over winter break, we’ve got you covered! Try these fun ideas to keep you and your children entertained when it’s cold outside.

Do-It-Yourself Snow Slime

It’s time to bring the snow indoors! This is super quick to make and is sure to keep your child occupied for hours – without the frozen hands! They can even include their favorite animal figurines for added fun.

Winter Scavenger Hunt

If you’re feeling adventurous, get your kids outside for a fun – and cold – learning experience! Give them a scavenger hunt list of things they may find outside during the winter time. This will give them a sense of adventure as well as teach them new things about nature.

Learn how Arctic Animals Stay Warm

It’s time to get scientific! With this simple experiment, you can show your child how arctic animals stay warm in temperatures that are well below freezing. You and your child will find this fascinating!

Frozen Bubbles

Sticking with the scientific theme, we found a great blog post to show you how to create frozen bubbles! This is something that will keep the whole family entertained.

Puffy Snow Paint

Painting is always fun for kids, because it allows them to be creative, while getting a little messy! This Do-it-Yourself puffy snow paint is perfect for those wintertime art projects.

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