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September 2018

Getting Ready for Portrait Day Fun

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Parents can really help their children shine on Picture Day. It’s important to pick out an outfit that is cute with solid colors that your child likes. Avoid t-shirts with slogans, brand names and large designs. Make sure the color complements your child’s skin tone, too. Keep hair simple and pulled away from their face to let the face show through. It’s a good idea to avoid getting a hair cut the day before pictures. Aim for haircuts a week before if possible.

Remember to get your children to bed early the night before pictures so they will be fresh. Try to avoid stress and don’t coach them on how to smile. The Teddy Bear Portraits photographer will be able to get a better portrait if parents aren’t around at the time of pictures. If you have any special instructions for the photographer the day of pictures, include a note that you give to the photographer on clothing accessories, a hat or any suggestions on something you want the child to wear.

The best portraits are the ones where your child’s natural smile shines through. At Teddy Bear Portraits, our photographers are experts at capturing each child’s unique personality. They connect with each kid in a special way using toys and making it a fun. That’s why they are known as smile masters.