FAQs for School Directors

What separates Teddy Bear Portraits from other children's photography companies?

  • Outstanding quality of portraits
  • Professional photographers specifically trained to work with preschool age children
  • Premier customer service start to finish
  • Easy composite fundraising program
  • Variety of poses, expressions and package options

Are there any sitting fees or pre-payment required?

There is absolutely no cost involved to the center. This is a service you are providing for the parents and center. In fact, the parents are under no obligation to purchase, nor is there any pre-payment required.

Do you pay commissions to schools?

Yes, a rebate (commission) is available to your center.

How much time and work will this take for me as the director (and my teachers)?

Teddy Bear Portraits handles everything, from providing notification materials for your families, to showing the portraits. We even groom the children.

How long does the photography session take?

We try to limit the photography sessions to mornings when the children are fresh. However, centers with a large amount of children may require a second photography date.

What should the children wear for his/her photograph?

Have the children dress in their favorite colorful outfit.

How many poses do you take of each child?

We generally photograph three poses of each child, offering a nice variety to your parents. For siblings, we photograph the children individually and together. We do try to honor special requests.

Do you photograph staff?

We do photograph the staff, and they receive one complimentary pose of themselves. Staff also receives discounts on their own children’s portraits (if the child attends the center).

How long does it take to get the portraits?

Generally within two to three weeks after the photography session.

What do your portraits cost?

We offer packages to fit any budget. Parents have the freedom to select as many sheets as they wish with no obligation to purchase. Please contact your Area Representative to get the latest pricing information.

What forms of payment do you accept?


How else will my school benefit by using Teddy Bear Portraits?

Our quality and service will be appreciated by your customers. We make it convenient for the director and the parents by adapting to your daily routine. We also offer a vast collection of portrait products available in our catalog and online. Our fundraising programs can earn extra income for your center.

What is your 100% Lifetime Guarantee?

Our portraits are guaranteed not to fade or discolor. Should any of this occur, the affected portraits will be replaced without charge to the original purchaser. Additionally, in the event a natural disaster occurs, your affected portraits will be reprinted free of charge.

Can we send the packages home with the parents?

Our consultants present the digital portraits to the parents at the center.

Do you do graduation pictures?

Graduates may have their cap & gown pose in addition to the regular portrait package chosen for the center. We can provide the cap & gown or we can use the centers.

Do you do family portraits?

We can photograph any family member who is present during our time at the center.

Do you have a Teddy Bear Portraits Representative in my area?

Our representatives are located throughout the country. Call toll free, 1-888-312-5501 ext. 1584, to locate your Area Representative or to request a portrait date.

When will I receive my rebate check?

Your rebate check will arrive within 8 weeks of your photography session. If you have questions about your rebate or the process, please contact the rebates department at rebates@teddybearportraits.com.