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I just scheduled my date, what’s next?

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What do I need to do to get ready for my upcoming portrait session?

[vc_column_text] In the weeks leading up to your portrait session you will be contacted by your Account Representative and your photographer to Confirm your session. You will also confirm your background choice. When you receive your information package be sure to display your poster for Parents, and to help create excitement for your session. Make sure to pass out all your Parent Participation Forms to parents and that all have been completed and turned in the day before portrait day.

When will I hear from my Account Representative?

[vc_column_text] Your Account Representative will contact you multiple times before your upcoming session to confirm, check in, and help you get ready for Portrait day.

When will I hear from my photographer?

[vc_column_text] Your photographer will reach out to you one week and 2 days before your upcoming portrait session.

When will I receive my Information Package?

[vc_column_text] Information Packages are typically sent 3-4 weeks ahead of your upcoming session. Included will be your poster to hang up to promote your portrait date, and your Parent Participation Forms.

How do I choose my background?

[vc_column_text] You can view our background options on our website under school pictures, experience and program benefits, then choose backgrounds. It will open to a view of the current backgrounds we offer. Your photographer will also go over your background choice when the reach out to you before your session.

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