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The Teddy Bear Portraits Difference


We take the work off the center and provide the most convenient, streamlined program approach to your portrait day.

  • Before portrait date-Parents fill out Parent Contact Cards with their contact information 
  • Photographer captures images at the portrait session 
  • Photographer enters parent contact into each child’s secure and private gallery  
  • Parent receives email that afternoon with link to their gallery, access code and can immediately view and purchase 
  • All purchases are sent directly to Parents Home 


Our photographers specialize in working with infants through 5 years of age. They capture the “true smile in the eyes” and personality of each child. Our dedicated Customer Care and Sales Team are always available and ready to help with any questions you may have.  


We pride ourself on the quality of our photographers, portraits, and prints. Our portraits are printed on high quality paper that will withstand the test of time.