At Teddy Bear Portraits, We Capture your Child’s Personality and Smile.

Our preschool and daycare photographers help preserve a childhood memory for you to share with your family and friends for years to come. And we do it by making it as convenient as possible for busy parents.

Our photographers come to your child’s preschool or daycare center. No extra trip to a photography studio is needed. They bring the studio to you with professional lighting, backdrops, and state-of-the-art digital photography equipment.

When you return to pick up your child you can view and purchase photos right away using touch screen tablets. Our portrait consultants will be there to answer any question you may have. Ordering is easy and fun.

Convenient, Same Day Ordering

When you order the same day, you can choose from a range of packages and special offers available exclusively on that day. Get free shipping and a free gift when you order the same day on our touch screen tablets.

Send or share photos with your family and friends faster because you receive them sooner with same day ordering. Teddy Bear Portraits affordable print and digital photo packages meet all budgets and needs.

Our Preschool and Daycare Photographers

Teddy Bear Portraits specializes in preschool and daycare center photography. All our photographers go through rigorous training to prepare them to work with infants, toddlers, and young children.

We make sure that every child feels calm, relaxed, and safe. You can feel secure knowing that each of our preschool and daycare photographers must pass an extensive background check and drug screenings.

Outstanding Images that Stand the Test of Time

At Teddy Bear Portraits, we back all of our photos with a lifetime guarantee. If your child’s photos ever fade or discolor, we’ll replace them for free. If your photos are ever damaged by a natural disaster, we’ll reprint them for you at no cost.

Our quality photos are family keepsakes for you to pass on to the next generation to cherish. Our lifetime guarantee ensures that you always have that special memory.

The Technology Leader in Digital Photography

All our preschool and daycare photographers arrive equipped with the latest in digital photography tools to capture the highest quality photos possible.

But advanced equipment only does so much. It’s the specially trained professional behind the camera whose work captures your child’s remarkable smile, distinct personality, and joyful expression.

When you see your child’s photos for the first time, we want you to experience the moment—and then to relive it each time you look at them.


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